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Madelaine Chocolate Company’s Surprise Chocolate Giveaway

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A Special Treat for Dad

One of the founders of Madelaine Chocolate Company, LOVED the Hazelnut Truffle! In honor of our ‘founding father’ and fathers everywhere we’ve created this decadent hazelnut cocktail. Cheers!

Chocolate Hazelnut Cocktail

1 oz Frangelico Chocolate Liqour

1 oz Chocolate Milk

1 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

2 oz Cold Brew Coffee Madelaine’s

Serve over Ice

Hazelnut Truffle for Garnish.

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Cottontail Confections Take Easter Candy to a Whole New Level

Hare are two quick and easy recipes sure to delight every bunny in your household.

1. Bunny S’Mores

1” Madelaine flat chocolate rabbits
Graham crackers
Heart-shaped marshmallows


  • Preheat the broiler
  • Put a layer of graham crackers on a baking sheet
  • Place a chocolate bunny (unwrapped) on half the crackers
  • Top each of the remaining crackers with a marshmallow
  • Broil until the marshmallows are golden and melty inside. Give it about 2 min and check (Don’t melt the bunny)
  • Smoosh the halves together to make the ultimate bunny sandwich
  • Serve Warm

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time:2-3 minutes

2. Strawbunny Chocolate Shake

mini bunnies
1 pint strawberry ice cream
1 cup frozen strawberries (4 ounces)
1 cup milk


  • In a blender, combine 5 of the bunnies, ice cream, frozen strawberries, and milk
  • Puree on high speed until smooth
  • Pour into four chilled glasses.
  • Garnish with the remaining bunny.
  • Serve immediately, over ice, if desired.

Thanks @Marthastewart for the strawberry shake recipe.

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Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day and Chocolate go hand in hand. It doesn’t need to be in a box to say I love you. Follow these tips to melt your special someone’s heart.

1. Start the day with a good morning surprise.

2. Leave a love note or two

3. Make some homemade valentines with your little love bugs.

4. Give flowers- chocolate roses, of course

5. End the day on a special note.


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The Chocoholics Guide to Gift Giving

Stressed about finding the just the right gift for everyone on your list? Well, not only is chocolate is a great stress reliever - it also makes the perfect holiday gift!

Follow this ultimate Chocoholic’s Gift Giving Guide to sweeten everyone’s holiday.

Need a stocking stuffer? Wait until you see those little smiling faces when they see this chocolate Santa peeping out of their stocking Christmas morning.

It’s traditional to give a holiday tip to those who help us throughout the year (doormen, babysitters, hair-dressers, and mail carriers). This year add a sweet surprise to really show that you care.

Need a fun and different kids gift to bring to a holiday party? Pick-up our Holiday Hunt.

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Twas just before Christmas when far out in Rockaway
Our chocolatiers were busy, making chocolate all day
Each chocolate is shaped and crafted with care
For chocolate lovers here, there and everywhere

Each yummy piece gets a shining foil wrapper
No other chocolate has ever looked so dapper!
When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
so much Madelaine Chocolate we burst into cheer.

Look! Tiny toy soldiers,
little snowmen and mini St. Nick
Each made for you—
so eat them—eat them up quick!

Share with family, friends or just treat yourself.
Madelaine Chocolate is your own Christmas elf!
Merry Christmas to all
and to all a good bite!

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Thankful for Our Madelaine Family

Every family has their own unique Thanksgiving traditions. Our family tradition is making elegant and delicious chocolates. We could not do that without the dedication and experience of our fabulous team of chocolatiers and for them we are extremely grateful.

This Thanksgiving, we extend an enormous “Thank You” to all of the Madelaine employees. And we recognize the longevity of four extraordinary chocolatiers who, combined, have more than 120 years of experience working at Madelaine.

Mariella Roig (featured on the left) is one of our most tenured chocolate makers. She started with the company in 1976 and says the Thanksgiving turkeys are her favorite product. As she says, “This is my life. I love my job! I am 78 years old and I don’t want to stop!”

So, this Thanksgiving, we give thanks to you, Mariella, and to all of these special employees who have spent decades making our chocolate: Margerita Darcia (26 years at Madelaine), Gladys Gonzales (25 years) and Betty Paugam (33 years).

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Martha Stewart likes our 15 oz White Chocolate Rabbit!

Check out our 15 oz White Chocolate Rabbit as featured in the April Issue of Martha Stewart Living. Buy it now on our site with a matching 6.5 oz White Chocolate Easter Egg Gift Bag.

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Duets™ was featured in Good Housekeeping!

A big thank you for this wonderful feature in Good Housekeeping!

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Madelaine Chocolate Turkey Photo Contest Winners!

Forget the real turkey, we love this fruit version and of course the chocolate ones too! This is our 1st place contest winner for the Thanksgiving photo contest!

Thank you for all the wonderful submissions and we hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

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Thanksgiving Photo Contest!!

This Thanksgiving, we are holding a Turkey photo contest! Decorate your table with Madelaine chocolate turkeys and send us a photo!!!

You could win a fantastic chocolate spread from Madelaine filled with Holiday goodies! But that’s just the grand prize!! We’re giving away up to 10 prizes total, so send us your best pics.

The contest will run through Tuesday, November 30th at midnight ET and winners will be announced on Wednesday, December 1st. You can post the photos on our facebook wall, or tweet them to us on twitter @madchocny.

Tell your friends and family to send us their pics too, the more the merrier!!!

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Think chocolate is bad for you? Think again!

Source: USA Weekend Magazine, October 17, 2010

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Did you know? Advent calendars start December 1st!

Did you know that Advent Calendars begin on December 1st? The countdown to Christmas is right around the corner.

You can find out where to purchase our advent calendars here. We have so many fun varieties all with hidden chocolate surprises. Happy Holidays from the Madelaine Chocolate Company!

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The Many Faces of Madelaine Fans!

This Halloween we hosted a photo contest and we would like to share with you a few selected photos we received from our chocolate lovers - Enjoy smile

All the pics that were submitted were absolutely darling and we had a really hard time choosing our winner but after hours of debate and deliberation, we ended up picking the photo of the two little ones dressed as Dorothy and Tigger sent to us by @annas04!!

Congratulations @annas04 and thank you all for taking part.

Keep your eye out for a Thanksgiving Photo contest in a few weeks!

P.S. We’re so glad you all like Halloween as much as we do!!

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Trick OR Treat with Madelaine!

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Back to School

Getting ready to go back to School? Why not get you or or your kids back in school mode with our fun chocolate crayons?

Our chocolate crayons are a fun and yummy way to get excited for school days that are around the corner. They make for a great teacher’s gift or lunchbox surprise.

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Real Housewife of NYC Bethenny and our girl chocolate cigars

Real Housewife of New York City celebrates her new baby girl with our Madelaine Chocolate It’s A Girl cigars.

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Hello Sunshine

All of our chocolates have been carefully made and prepared for you to enjoy them at their absolute best and as the weather gets warmer, shipping chocolate becomes a little trickier…Place your orders now to avoid the heat, we also ship with ice packs to keep your goods cool.

For more information please contact your Madelaine Representative.

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Madelaine’s Duets in OK Magazine

We’re pleased to have been featured in the Mother’s Day Gift Guide of OK Magazine that is on stands now. As you can see Raspberry and White Truffle Duet is fast becoming a favorite!

Place your orders today online at or contact your Madelaine representative for more information.

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Madelaine Chocolate Bunnies In Iraq.

Our milk chocolate Easter bunnies are popular among people of all ages all over the world…How do we know this? Over the Easter holiday we received feedback from as far as Iraq.
J. Jensen even posted some great pictures from the dining facility at Joint Base Balad in Iraq on our Facebook page.
Read more of the great letters we received from Troops below.

"I’m a US Soldier currently serving in Iraq. Today is Easter and at lunch some of your Chocolate candy was spread out on our tables. I want to pass on a personal Thank You. Often in our dinning facility items provided to us are from companies outside of the states and don’t have the same taste or feel from home. I was glad to see U.S. candy from a U.S. company being provided to us and it was a great treat. Thank you."
—T. Eisenmann

"You made my Easter! I am serving a tour in Iraq and had the pleasure of trying your chocolate for the first time after we got a chocolate bunny at the dining facility. It was delicious and American made! Thank you for making such fine chocolate and for supporting the troops."
— R. Harwood

"Just wanted to let you know that my son, stationed in Iraq, enjoyed chocolate from your company, on Easter. He wrote to tell us how good it was and how much everyone there enjoyed it. Just wanted to let you know that your chocolate brought some Easter to our troops in Iraq!"
— E. Kohles

"Madelaine Chocloate bunnies and eggs were served in the DFAC (Dining Facility) on Easter Sunday at Joint Base Balad in Iraq. Who would have thought I had to go to Iraq to discover such wonderful chocloate? I visited the Madelaine website and found four stores near my home so I can get more when I am back in the States.See the Easter themed tablecloths? The DFAC staff really went the extra mile to make this meal special. The main course was prime rib, lobster, and Madelaine chocolate. There were other dishes but I didn’t eat them, I had to save space for the chocolate!"
— J. Jensen

Thank you to all for writing in and sharing with us, your stories and shared moments are what make us happy!

Keep the stories and pictures coming to talk [at]

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Introducing Duets™ — The First Double-Filled Chocolate Truffles.

We’re pleased to finally announce the launch of Duets!
Using a state-of-the-art technique Madelaine created four flavor combinations: Peanut Butter & Caramel, Milk Truffle & White Truffle, Raspberry & Peanut Butter and Raspberry & White Truffle. All within the finest milk chocolate shell.

The overarching concepts behind the Duets Campaign are the flavor personalities. In keeping with Madelaine’s corporate philosophy of "Sharing Every Chocolate Moment", each flavor relates to a moment; from SHARING the deliciously addictive double-filled Peanut Butter & Caramel Duet with friends, to INDULGING in the delightfully classic smooth centers of Milk Truffle & White Truffle during a day of pampering - each flavor is defined by a Moment in Perfect Harmony.

The website has officially launched and both trade and consumers can:

Browse each flavor by Moment or by Flavor

Learn about how Duets are made

Upload pictures of their moments

Vote for their favorite flavor

Catch up with all the latest Duets new on the Perfect Harmony Blog

Buy Duets online.

The initial response to Duets has been overwhelmingly positive, with a fun packed Twitter Party (#madchocrocks #perfectharmony) being held on Friday night in honor of the Duets launch and plenty of comments on Facebook.

Visit the website at

For trade information please visit the Duets Section on the Madelaine website or email us.

Follow Duets on Twitter @duetsny
Become a Fan on Facebook to see all the latest Duets News
And of course don’t forget to Sign Up to the mailing list for all the latest Duets News

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Spring Favorites: Sitting Bunny and Easter Eggs Gift Bag!

Spring is just around the corner, and with Easter approaching we wanted to highlight two of our most popular products — our 6oz Sitting Bunny and Easter Eggs Gift Bag!

The Easter Egg Gift Bag is filled with premium milk chocolate eggs that have been sold in the best candy stores for over 50 years. The eggs are wrapped in double-sided Italian foils and featured in a variety of colors. Our lovingly-detailed, solid premium milk chocolate bunnies are a springtime favorite.

Both items are perfect for Easter baskets — a colorful statement and a tasty treat all wrapped and ready to eat! Available now at Macy’s and Kohl’s. Check the website or contact us for availability in stores near you.

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New Year. New Website

Last year we celebrated the extraordinary milestone of 60 years in business, and as we move into a new year, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new website. As The Madelaine Chocolate Company, we’re now at the forefront of a new era for our business and our brand. With the remarkable growth of the internet, the world is now a much smaller place and “doing business online” has become part and parcel of the way we work. However that’s not to say that we still don’t believe in the good old fashioned ways of keeping in touch!

In addition to the site redesign there are a host of new features that enhance your experience on including;

The Store Locator - while we’re not yet selling our products to the public online you can find out where to buy your favorite Madelaine chocolate.

Tradeshow Calendar - download Madelaine’s event calendar and useful trade-show dates straight to your desktop.

Browse the latest products relevant to the season with our product slideshow.

Products and product information is easier to find with our dynamic product search tool - you can even search by SKU!

Learn about chocolate and chocolate history in our knowledge base center.

Get a rare insight into the workings of the factory and learn about our company’s history on the About page.

Keep Up To Date on news and product releases with our product release sign up form.

Become a Fan on our Facebook page

Follow us on Twitter to get exclusive news, samples and limited time offers

And of course read all the latest and greatest news right here on our blog!

Feel free to send us an email…Or comment below and share your thoughts.

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Haiti Relief

On Tuesday 12th January 2010, a catastrophic earthquake measuring 7.0 on the richter scale shook Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince and other settlements in the region to their core.

An estimated three million people were affected by the quake, many people died, many are missing and thousands of Haitians have been left homeless.

While the aftershocks were felt physically in Haiti, they were also felt around the world.

As Queens’ largest employer of Haitian workers many of our employees were affected. We are dedicating to help relocate the families of our Haitian workers, as well as supporting relief and rebuilding initiatives. Though the spotlight on Haiti may have shifted we’ll continue to support our Haitian-American employees and their families and bring awareness to Haiti’s plight.

We encourage you to donate to The American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders

Learn more about what we’ve been doing to help in the New York Times and on Edible Communities.

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