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Thankful for Our Madelaine Family

Every family has their own unique Thanksgiving traditions. Our family tradition is making elegant and delicious chocolates. We could not do that without the dedication and experience of our fabulous team of chocolatiers and for them we are extremely grateful.

This Thanksgiving, we extend an enormous “Thank You” to all of the Madelaine employees. And we recognize the longevity of four extraordinary chocolatiers who, combined, have more than 120 years of experience working at Madelaine.

Mariella Roig (featured on the left) is one of our most tenured chocolate makers. She started with the company in 1976 and says the Thanksgiving turkeys are her favorite product. As she says, “This is my life. I love my job! I am 78 years old and I don’t want to stop!”

So, this Thanksgiving, we give thanks to you, Mariella, and to all of these special employees who have spent decades making our chocolate: Margerita Darcia (26 years at Madelaine), Gladys Gonzales (25 years) and Betty Paugam (33 years).

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